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Interstellar - Trailer

Pretty psyched for this movie. Contact (with Jodie Foster and McConaughey as well) was on one of my favourite movies in the 90’s because it was one of the first movies I watched in theaters when I was very young, only 8 years old, but even at that age it stimulated my curiosity on such an intellectual level I was not even aware of. Things like space, other sentient life, religion, god and faith which were at infant stages of development at 8 years old really made me think for myself. It’s actually one of my favourite science fiction movies because it treats its audience intelligently; nothing space wise actually even happens. Or maybe it did?

I really want to see what Nolan is going to do with his take on the genre.

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You have to dream intentionally. Most people dream a dream when they are asleep. But to be a writer, you have to dream while you are awake, intentionally.

Haruki Murakami (via thisismyplacetobe)

Been binging on a lot of Murakami lately. He is easily starting to become one of the biggest influences on my own writing and ideas these days.

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LOL I still remember this debate. Biden was a boss. I mean quickest way to win a debate is to just laugh condescendingly for every response. Like Paul Ryan got so destroyed I feel like Biden confronted him in the parking lot after and slapped him with his dick just to top it off.

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Really good interview with Mindy Kaling on breaking into the industry as both an Indian and a woman, getting and running her own show, but also her views on marriage and relationships in which even though I’m a guy, I feel the same way about. Marriage isn’t really anything at all these days, and certainly is not indicative of elevating a relationship.

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Goodbye, my Hero



I was a weird kid - pale and pudgy, wearing sweatsuits of various colors (thanks mom), always making strange noises and talking to myself in the mirror, both by myself and in the company of my action figures.

During these - lets call them “formative years” - I was sitting in Keyboarding…